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Monday, 20 September 2010

Party time

Amelia had her birthday at the zoo yesterday and had a brill time.We went up to the castle in the zoo grounds on a train and then into a room to see some little animals.This year it was a lizard, rat and chinchilla which they could stroke.Then they made a sand thing to take home where they pour different coloured sand into a container.Then it was into another room for some food and i was lucky enough to have Sophie (who is Gemma's daughter )on my lap.You can read on their blog how she got on at the zoo . Then it was face painting and then we could go round the zoo and on the fair.It was a very tiring day but we had loads of fun.Can i just say that it was lovely to meet Sophie at last and she is a lovely little girl.
By the way at the dentist that i was dreading Amelia did well and let him look in her mouth and he said that it is fine to leave it so that was a relief but trying to tell Amelia in future do not bite on plastic its not a good move!

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