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Friday, 24 September 2010

Sickness Bug

Why is it that if your child has had a feeding problem it is always there in the back of your mind that the problem will happen again.Amelia has been sick the last couple of days and it still goes through my head What about if she doesn't want to eat after the sickness has gone? I know nobody wants to eat when they feel sick but i just can't help myself thinking these things.MAD.Of course she did ask for food today which was a relief. All this got me thinking of the daily stress of trying in the early days to get Amelia to eat. Of having to let her eat at her own pace when really i was panicking in my head that she hadn't ate enough that day. It is so tempting to keep asking her if she'd like this or that to eat but know you shouldn't. It is so frustrating and i honestly don't think that the professional people realize how much of a strain it is on the parents and families of the child.I know even now i will tell my partner off for pushing Amelia to try to eat something when she doesn't want to it is just in our nature to try to feed our child.
What is also frustrating is having meetings with the PCT and then not hearing from them again.We have requested another meeting with them to meet up and get feed back from our last meeting but have heard nothing.Gemma and i are trying very hard to get better services in our area for children with feeding problems and still two years down the line we are still trying.But we will keep going and keep trying because it is about time people had the support and services they deserve.
Does anyone in the UK get good services where feeding problems are concerned? i would be interested to know as i haven't heard anyone say they have.Let me know.What about other countries how do you get on?


  1. hugs I hope you figure it out

    I wanted to invite you to check out my mommy board.
    Put Chris in the who referred you link:)

  2. Hi
    only come across your comments today. Yes we have just finished a 6 week programme of 1 hour a week of a "fun with food" group. We are based in bolton, greater manchester. It was organised by the speech and language therapists and involved a dietician also. Zakariya loved it. However, we encouraged the children to participate in certain activities as opposed to remain passive. However, all children did what they wanted and wern't forced to do anything. No eating was advised...painting, mixing, finding objects hidden in food..and if they wanted to eat they could. Was fab...zakariya just sat their eating jam one day!

    Farah (manchester)


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