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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

At Last Picnic Play Group

Sorry it has been so long since last post but we have been very busy trying to set up messy play groups in Stafford and at last we are just about to start them after alot of hard work.First Gemma and i managed to get some funding which we applied for which was brilliant.Then it took me ages trying to find a room which eventually were given free of charge.Then it was getting all the equipment that we will need each week which soon ate away at the budget.I think i have about £1.50 from the funding left which might be able to buy us a couple of apples!
The groups are going to be very structured with getting messy alot and making food fun.I'm really looking forward to actually being able to try to help some children who have feeding problems and there is a great team of professionals(yes there are actually some but not many professionals who do understand our concerns on feeding problems) who are really helping us to make these groups a reality.Once we get going with the groups and see how well they work then we will be going back to the commissioners and proving to them that messy play or play picnics as we are calling them do work.It is about time the services were provided for our children with feeding problems and if i have evidence they work the commissioners will have to listen.I will keep you posted on how we are doing and i just wish that there were more of these groups as in many cases messy play does help.

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