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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

First Day Picnic Play

Well it was the first day of the picnic play group yesterday at last!
We were feeling really excited that at last there is something out there for some of the children with problems with food and i was so glad that i could be a part of that.I hope that in time we will prove that these kind of groups are needed and we can do the groups on a permanent basis.As a parent who has been through the experience and come out the other end with all ok i know what a difference in my daughters case that messy play made.Even just meeting other parents and talking helped me alot as i felt so alone and the only one with a child with feeding problems(which obviously i'm not but thats how i felt)
The groups are going to be great fun for all involved( including parents) with alot of getting messy and making food fun to be around.I will keep you posted on how we are getting on and lets hope these groups are around for a long time and help our children on their journey of eating.
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