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Friday, 18 March 2011

Update On Group

First group of children have now finished the first picnic group in Stafford and we all feel it has been a big success.We have had loads of fun and lots of play,stories and getting very messy.It was so much fun and they did really well with the foods that they were playing with each week.Obviously messy play isn't for every child with feeding problems but as these children are referred to us then we know it is ok for them.We are doing our next group in May and i'm looking forward to helping some more children on their journey to eating.
Once we have results from the first group i will be going back to the PCT and giving them feedback and hopefully they will start listening to us and start helping the children.As alot of you are aware there is a big lack of services to do with feeding problems and it needs to change.
The picnic group is one of only two groups in the country so we are really lucky to be running them .But we have alot of support from feeding specialists so with their help have got them up and running.
I will keep you updated on how we progress from here with the PCT and how our groups are going.
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